What I love about the Blackberry Torch 9800 ♥


I am an internet addictor

who cannot live without internet raise your hands please. i bet you guys who are reading this are. :D
i am too! but why?
here are some reasons:

Undeniable i am a typical teenager who loves to tweet about EVERYTHING  eg: i tweet how many times i breathe in a minute , and love Facebook, and Blog :) and check my mailbox to checkout whether there is any promotions out there  :D

 1st of all. to stay connect with my family. ♥ i stay in hostel in KL and i can only spend my weekends and holidays with my family, sometimes not even the weekends :( as they are internet freaks too, i can contact them via internet!

 2nd, i have a bunch of lovable cousins :) which no doubt they are the internet freaks. they tweet alot! and i'd missed alot of their conversation :*(

 how can you miss the hot conversation with you besties? how can???!! i feel left out sometimes without them around. i wana keep in touch with my buddies! :((

 next, i confess that I AM A DIRECTION NOOB. T______T sometimes my friends get fed up when i give them directions. and with the internet function of my pity k600i, google map doesnt help because it is TOO SLOW AND TOO TINY. D:

Last, i am focusing on my studies and internet helps a lot! i love googling so much :D because it helps me out with the Biology, Chemistry and Physics. hehexixi. BUT! i cannot google in the middle of the night when i need to burn my midnight oil. D: sad again

what i need now is, a SMART PHONE! just like me  BB, Iphone..........
why not CELCOM BLACKBERRY! :) (idk why but i love to put bb in purple colour D:)

here you go:
they are introducing the Celcom Exec 50 Plan which you can get connected with Celcom from as low as only RM50 a month!

- 15 sen call rate to any number. Nothing complicated; just a simple rate to all numbers
- Automatic discounts every month.
- Talk more, save more. The more you use, the more discounts of up to 30% every month
- Low monthly commitment of only RM50.
- FREE Celcom Broadband Basic Plan for 1 month with speeds of up to 384 Kbps

besides that, they are launching the Blackberry Torch 9800 on 29 October 2010, and there’ll be amazing deals for you when you sign up with Celcom, ONLY available at the event. talking about events, you will not want to miss the fun activities and prizes and giveaways!

If you’re one of the 1st 100 customers to pre-register & purchase the new BlackBerry Torch 9800 with the Celcom Exec Postpaid plan, you get to enjoy the early bird promotion where they’ll throw in the following for FREE:
- Jabra Bluetooth Headset worth RM125
- 8GB Micro SD Card worth RM68
- Energizer Portable worth RM58

need more info? click here :)

For more information about the Celcom Postpaid Plans click here

To pre-register and purchase the BlackBerry Torch 9800, log on to http://www.celcom.com.my/celcomexec/blackberry/bbtorch9800_register.php.

hope this blog post helps those who's having a hard time choosing smart phone. *wink*

Where to go?



this explains how i feel right now. It is almost 2am right now. but twitter is still busy with Mayyikiim and Josephineyan. it's already freaking October it means SPM is getting nearer. yet, i have no confidence to score good results! god.

the next thing bothering me is, what to do after senior 3?!! *sigh* i seriously has no direction. LOST! Vet studies is taking tooooooo looonnngg time. and way too expensive! like think of it, it is not me paying, it is my parents! D: i dont wana spent so much money. *sigh again* or/ maybe taking course about planning concerts, or events or etc. (what do you call this?)

so i am searching for help: can you guys suggest any link about vet studies or the idk-what-you-call-concert/events-planner? thousands of thanks! :)

My papa can cook! ♥


Family comes first :)
the title seems like makings ads / doing some kinda game show wtf. 
ahaaa :D I found these pictures when am trying to delete the rubbish in my folders. it's during CNY. (god, i kno it's wayyyyyyy toooooo looooonnggg) 

i have a Malay friend, Sabirah my childhood friends, whom her father cooks very delicious dishes! :D i am very very impress will never understand why a father can cook so well. during CNY idk whether isit my father knocked his head or whateva, he cooks! 

just scroll down.

Butter baked fish and steam fish with soya sauce

I was the white mouse. T^T

I'm gonna eat it. seriously?

nom (idk what expression) not nice?

deliciousoooooooooo :DDDD

Sis was the white mouse no 2. XD

hmmmmm... ???

Her face tells it all. :D

even our baby boy wants some. but i wont share. *evil smile*

I can tell my daddy is mad happy

um. no comment. T_________________T

these few days at home, i knew lotsa stuff. i am someone who don't really accept reality, like seriously god damn, why can't we just live happily ever after just like the fairy tales we listen when we were kids? yes i know, this is life, we faces obstacles and we need to overcome them. and this is why we have to be tough, like what Darwin says: 适者生存

 my grandma, popo, just did a operation and now suffering painfulness with the ulcers in her stomach.  she ate 6 panadols each day trying to reduce the pain, but useless. she can only eat rice add on soup, which is tasteless. one night, i was sleeping in my brother's room with my popo, she woke uo 6 times that night coz she cannot stand the pain. i offer to help. rubbing her back and stomach. heart breaking. she used to be so healthy and still can drive us everywhere. but now, she cant even walk too long. 
as i help her rubbing her back and neck, i feel sorry, i hadn't been so close to her before. i feel sorry i didnt spent much time with her. this scene is very familiar, it's like, my grandma that has alr passed away. i am scared. 

but other than that, i promised myself deeply. I SHALL SPENT MORE TIME WITH HER. 
popo get well soon ILY :) 

PS: I dont want someone saying i am acting anymore! you will not understand how it feels coz you are not at the same situation like I am now! GET OFF!

my beloved popo :)

Wedding ♥


I dont have monday blue today coz it is HOLIDAY! :)
finally i uploaded the photos but there is tons more! *smack head*
Yesterday was 101010 which you will only meet once in a lifetime unless you can live til 200 years later. T_T well, i read in the newspaper this morning and yea as i expected news about the couples getting married.

BTW, what i wana say is : Congrats to Ms Wong Sook Teng. who got registered ytd too! :DDD

and during my trials, it's my cousin sister's wed! :D i am happy! yet sad cus i cant get to join them because i am having Biology paper the next day *sob max!* so i made my opportunity to join the family for dinner.

annoying brother who dont wana take picture properly

from left: Sis Qi, brother, me. lols.

she is sad coz she cant go to LOUD fest (if i m not wrong) but she got tickets! lols.

the gorgeous cousin Miss MeiYen

Brother playing games the whole day.

the loves one :D
although i think kids are annoying sometimes, but i cannot deny that kids are adorable too! :D they are just as long as they dont yell scream cry at the wrong time (eg: while i am studying)

my nephew Henry and his cousin.

the way they say hello is : KISS. :D

still kissing..........

this is my fave!! :D she wants some more lols. how cute!

invitation card

the super gorgeous cousin sister and her husband. :)
:) congrats !!

i am still sad i didnt get to attend their wed ceremony :(

Blue Berry Cheese Cake is Love ♥


hallo ni men hao mahhh!!!! :))

idk what expression this is. lols
i am the kind of girl who will crave for sth suddenly. especially FOOD. ohgod. and if i dont get it, i'll be really pekchek. D:

& yesterday, i was craving for my all time fave: Secret Recipe's blue berry cheese cake.
and.... JS purposely took a bus, sweating under the hot sun, and got me a blueberry cheese cake!
how sweet :) THANKS!

Fine Quality Cakes. mmmmmm....

ate it directly when i got this while doing the irritating calculus. :D

this is why it is my fave: Thick layer of cheese, alot of blueberry toppings, and a layer of biscuits at the bottom.

he even got me this: Halls as he worries i will fall asleep during the bloody 4 hours tuition. D:

:) once again, thankiew js!

next on, song for the moment which is my new love:

a song which suits most of the girls coz it is about, someone who got cheated/hurt, when is in love again, will still be afraid of the past memories and promises.

btw: IT's 10-10-10 :)

Break the Ice ♥



miss breakfast is back and her breakfast today is Oat milk with Cocopie. *sweet*

went watching Step Up 3D in MidValley. this is why i love GSC MidValley. i m lucky enough to catch up Step up 3D after my SPM Trials. well, talk about trials, i did it badly. FML. i can smack myself :( 

right after the performance for the Chong Hwa Open day, went MidValley with JS. 
but no pictures idk why T__________T
scroll down pictures for our last outing.

MCD;D ( i wana have double cheese burger next time!)
Mcd Coke

MCD fries.:D

he likes to capture me from the ugly angle wtf T^T

i also can snap his ugly angle one. muahahahahahah

Sushi King
 since i've been noming Shushi King so often i went and register for member card ytd. Happy!

his fave pose i guess.

copycat XD

due to some reasons,  we broke up, but we are still best friends. :) we still hang out together. like we used to before we started the relationship. so no more question about us i guess. :D

ALL THE BEST TO ALL PMR CANDIDATES. especially my lil sis Qi. ;D 

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