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i am seriously tired. slept 3am last night.was in QingYan's house :D happy! wokay, i'll post about what happen after my nap.

I was hurrying back after recording my Demo. i pek chek max and keep on f ing because it didnt turn up really well :( oh well, i did it! i wrote my FIRST LOVE SONG! all my composing was those so happy lalalalalalal songs and i didnt kno howda write a, ROMANTIC SONG D: phailed max can

hehehe :)

from left: Season Chu aka ahZEAL, Alex Goh, Ely Tham and yours truly.
the contestants.

i think ahzeal's photo is sexayyy. *feeewit*
i think alex goh's photo is cute and lengzai but bluff people de XD
i think ElyTham's photo is..... a lil...... ( Coody tak suka you XDDD)

my composition:
喜欢 both lyrics and melody by me. 
还没清醒 lyrics by Alex Goh, melody by yours truly. 

my song is kinda, um, == i pun tak tau, speechless. but it's my 1st love composition. and i suka. <3

thanks for all the help. hehs. 

till then!



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