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Yong’s story is one of tragic youth as he fought his way out of a difficult childhood only to face the gallows for transporting a gift to a client of his “big brother” from Malaysia to Singapore.

The gift turned out to be 47gm of heroin.

He was only 18 years and 6 months old when arrested on June 13, 2007 at a hotel in Singapore for having the drug in his possession.

Raised in a broken home, Yong was forced into back-breaking manual labour when only 12, moving oil palm fruit on his grandfather’s estate, as his mother could not support her six children on her meagre salary as a dishwasher.

Their poverty was also the reason why he did not complete his Year 6 education.
NONEWhen he turned 15, Yong moved to Kota Kinabalu in search of better opportunities to help his mother, who suffers from chronic depression.
While there, he realised the potential for even greater opportunities by moving to Kuala Lumpur, which he did after saving up enough money.
Arriving with just the shirt on his back, Yong worked at odd jobs – in the process, getting to know “friends” in secret societies.

The situation back home did not get better, especially after one of his sisters was involved in an accident. The trauma pushed his mother over the edge and she attempted suicide.
The last time he was with his family was during a short holiday to celebrate his mother’s birthday in Sandakan between May and June 2007, before a “friend” in Kuala Lumpur made him an offer he could not refuse.

Given the promise of a big payout for simply delivering a “gift”, he took up the offer in the hope that he could finally help his ailing mother.
He was arrested and charged with drug trafficking. The Singapore courts found him guilty and sentenced him to death on Jan 7, 2009.

His mother still does not know about his sentence, as family members fear that she will not be able to handle the shock.


your's turly's words:

the 1st time i read this news, is from SinChew newspaper. some says he does not deserve the 2nd chance. but what i had to say is: IF YOU WERE HIM, IF YOU WERE AT THE SAME CONDITION OF HIS, WILL YOU BE THE SAME? we all are so lucky enough to have a happy family, studying and figuring out which college should we study. we will never know how suffer is he now. will you?

5sAi did sth good today :D we hope, tht video does helps a little :)


  1. i'm sure he did this knowing clearly the consequences of his actions. yes, he may use helping his mother as a reason, but that alone is not enough to justify his exemption from the law. and if we release him for a second chance, how sure are we that he will not commit the same crime again? and how sure are we that his story will not inspire others to do the same and his his same excuse? how many filial sons we expect to pardon?

    my take? perhaps let him off on a prison sentence. as much as we want to think for his mother, we cannot ignore the law too.

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