Failed max ( no heartshape for this tsk tsk)



if you'd followed me in Facebook or Twitter, u'll kno, I FAILED. *sighs*
PS: TangMengYen & ChangWeiLin, I kno i cacat max la can ==

i shall start this directly.
i donoh why but i can feel the EMO phenomenon nowadays. tears are all rolling down, some silently, some burst out in tears. me? yea i am one of them la can ==. just like what she says, WE ALL HATE CRYING. it's so tiring and so effing annoying. with the nose blocked and cannot sleep the whole night. i dont likey!

i guess we are soul sisters :D we had the wethinkitistheworstbirthday Birthday this year. but lucky enough, we still have each other, i hope, what i did yesterday helps a lil :)

2nd August, i shall start not remind myself this day anymore. 4th April 2011, i shall make this the most special day ever, by me, and the love ones. and, I shall not expect/put too much expectation on you anymore. i am selfish in this way, but i wanted to protect myself sometimes. IT HURTS.

:D who says i'm emo? i am just concluding my feelings with a smile. yes, i am not unhappy.

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