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flashback to that night in QingYan's house. my 2nd time overnight at her place. :D

our plan that day: 
1. Record demo
2. practice madly sugar 
3.discuss about 5sAi's YearBook
4. Study

and end up we did .... teheeee. XP

but nvm, after failing in recording the demo for more than 30 minutes, Nen and YiiLoong ahh and Weiyang came for yam cha. :D
and we went to look for FangFang and this fella is seriously stupid he think we're putting prank on him and end up us waiting outside his house for so long and look like pervert. =0=


WeiYang thinks he is short in the previous pic. so ended up we snap once more
and this made Fang Fang LOL like hell


idk what made him LOL like this ==

QingYan u very yong sui here
QY snatch Fang's phone's cover and she ate it. lols

FangFang also claims that he is short in the previous photo but actually he is XD
ps: i found that i m in XD emotion all way long. weeeee.

and then QY ended up feeling puking after ordering YiiLoong ahhh to speed 180km/h back home.

studied a LIL physics chp 5
ate orange to calm down the puking feeling
POOPOO joined us <3

i had a very very very very great, long, heart to heart talk with QY. the 1st time talking with her like that. till 3am. and the next day carrying panda eyes to school. wtf.

seriously, it's been a long time i have not had heart to heart talk. THANKS GIRL. LOVE YOU :)

Heart to Heart talk friends are hard to find.
remember what we promised! :)

PS: plez tell me whether u guys can still follow my blog? i think there is sth wrong with it :(

and here is the song of 2PLUS1 sang in the singing competition. lols. i look stupid. ==

Rock Malaysia Compossing Competition 本土情歌创作比赛 ♥



i am seriously tired. slept 3am last night.was in QingYan's house :D happy! wokay, i'll post about what happen after my nap.

I was hurrying back after recording my Demo. i pek chek max and keep on f ing because it didnt turn up really well :( oh well, i did it! i wrote my FIRST LOVE SONG! all my composing was those so happy lalalalalalal songs and i didnt kno howda write a, ROMANTIC SONG D: phailed max can

hehehe :)

from left: Season Chu aka ahZEAL, Alex Goh, Ely Tham and yours truly.
the contestants.

i think ahzeal's photo is sexayyy. *feeewit*
i think alex goh's photo is cute and lengzai but bluff people de XD
i think ElyTham's photo is..... a lil...... ( Coody tak suka you XDDD)

my composition:
喜欢 both lyrics and melody by me. 
还没清醒 lyrics by Alex Goh, melody by yours truly. 

my song is kinda, um, == i pun tak tau, speechless. but it's my 1st love composition. and i suka. <3

thanks for all the help. hehs. 

till then!



Moron Monster says: U brought the wotermelon and ask them to cut like the watermelon ah?
Mr Moron Chia: U forget to take off your helmet ahhh?
Nick: you really looks like japenese mui liawww. 



Give Life A 2nd chance ♥


Yong’s story is one of tragic youth as he fought his way out of a difficult childhood only to face the gallows for transporting a gift to a client of his “big brother” from Malaysia to Singapore.

The gift turned out to be 47gm of heroin.

He was only 18 years and 6 months old when arrested on June 13, 2007 at a hotel in Singapore for having the drug in his possession.

Raised in a broken home, Yong was forced into back-breaking manual labour when only 12, moving oil palm fruit on his grandfather’s estate, as his mother could not support her six children on her meagre salary as a dishwasher.

Their poverty was also the reason why he did not complete his Year 6 education.
NONEWhen he turned 15, Yong moved to Kota Kinabalu in search of better opportunities to help his mother, who suffers from chronic depression.
While there, he realised the potential for even greater opportunities by moving to Kuala Lumpur, which he did after saving up enough money.
Arriving with just the shirt on his back, Yong worked at odd jobs – in the process, getting to know “friends” in secret societies.

The situation back home did not get better, especially after one of his sisters was involved in an accident. The trauma pushed his mother over the edge and she attempted suicide.
The last time he was with his family was during a short holiday to celebrate his mother’s birthday in Sandakan between May and June 2007, before a “friend” in Kuala Lumpur made him an offer he could not refuse.

Given the promise of a big payout for simply delivering a “gift”, he took up the offer in the hope that he could finally help his ailing mother.
He was arrested and charged with drug trafficking. The Singapore courts found him guilty and sentenced him to death on Jan 7, 2009.

His mother still does not know about his sentence, as family members fear that she will not be able to handle the shock.


your's turly's words:

the 1st time i read this news, is from SinChew newspaper. some says he does not deserve the 2nd chance. but what i had to say is: IF YOU WERE HIM, IF YOU WERE AT THE SAME CONDITION OF HIS, WILL YOU BE THE SAME? we all are so lucky enough to have a happy family, studying and figuring out which college should we study. we will never know how suffer is he now. will you?

5sAi did sth good today :D we hope, tht video does helps a little :)

Classmates ♥



:D omfg i love die this photo and i wana thanks WenTah the photographer for snapping this :)

i am very lucky to be in this class this year seriously. all of us LOVE DIE music! we play we cheer we, um, study? ok that's the problem. hey 5sAI! we should get on studying already! :D


cartoons drawn by KokKim. wordings b yours truly.

colourful is my style. they said so. == 

i am proud when i did sth that made the others happy and proud. :)

BubbleGum ♥

Hey ! missed me? :D

well, i miss you guys thou.
had been really busy recently. no time to update blog.
2. English Singing Competition on 2ndSept.
3. SongComposing Competition deadline 31st Aug.somemore the theme is LOVE. wtf. i m super no good in this. 
4. 5sAi's Trip and Folio. ;) 

i dont wana gather up those photos until my file burst so i decide to just post a tiny update :)

 went for A Concert presented by ChongHwaKL WindBand. 

AhJia on my left. 

The Scc's on my right

From left: Debbie, Josephine, Coody, Season. 
*btw, congrats Season, ElyTham, KaiChung, HuiLoo, YiiYing who won the competition today! 


The Bla. 

They look so cute!!!!!! :D included Coody Chan XD dont kill me. biiiiiaaoooooooo.

I told ya she's cute *weeeee*

Emcee. i personally love the girl's voice! 

the opening ceremony. 

all getting ready. pindrop silence.....

the best shot of all. duh. i dont have a pro camera so dont blame me kay. 

the Japan Conductor. :D 

if you dont mind, no photos ok. 

TITANIC WAS THE BEST! banyak suka the way they presented the song. omfg. tears rolling in my eyes when i heard them playing. touched max!  thumbs up and good show! *big applause*

BubbleGum by JS. this to girls are AWESOME! idk whether i can learn how to acapella like them anot.

still wondering what song to sing in the comp. any suggestion? 

Billie Jeans from MichealKhan ♥


my beloved and super act classmates. 
good show.


Failed max ( no heartshape for this tsk tsk)



if you'd followed me in Facebook or Twitter, u'll kno, I FAILED. *sighs*
PS: TangMengYen & ChangWeiLin, I kno i cacat max la can ==

i shall start this directly.
i donoh why but i can feel the EMO phenomenon nowadays. tears are all rolling down, some silently, some burst out in tears. me? yea i am one of them la can ==. just like what she says, WE ALL HATE CRYING. it's so tiring and so effing annoying. with the nose blocked and cannot sleep the whole night. i dont likey!

i guess we are soul sisters :D we had the wethinkitistheworstbirthday Birthday this year. but lucky enough, we still have each other, i hope, what i did yesterday helps a lil :)

2nd August, i shall start not remind myself this day anymore. 4th April 2011, i shall make this the most special day ever, by me, and the love ones. and, I shall not expect/put too much expectation on you anymore. i am selfish in this way, but i wanted to protect myself sometimes. IT HURTS.

:D who says i'm emo? i am just concluding my feelings with a smile. yes, i am not unhappy.

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