Wedding Dress ♥


I am always in love with wedding dress. :) ♥

ahaha. i am actually inb a grumpy mood cus i cant get to do my project, cannot open the file and i have not study yet and i am almost dead but never mind, to keep me out of the grumpy mood, i choose to blog :D

since i just met my huns, i wana blog about my hun's birthday which is, in April *chuckles*

My Huns :))

the tough and beloved girl 

the pretty and beloved birthday girl :D

everytime we camwhore, the birthday girl's boy sure come and photobump us. :/ jealous we stole her girl away XD

Best shot of the day ;) loves!

boys were playing Wii and start getting sweaty. == 

from the upper view

Birthday cake. :D

i can bet she is super happy with the wide smile on her face

 Chang family. (same surname lols)

her school gang. sorry for the blur effect. you guys were moving non stop. hahs.

everyone watching him playing the super BIG lighter

Kathy's chiwawa loves the boys very much == 

 Nom nom strawberries. it's sour. malaysian strawberried memang like this one. :(

this lovely dovey camwhoring.

and we are even more active in camwhoring. LOLS

weeeee. i told ya :P

with Jason. he says he wana camwhore with leng luis. XD (dont BOO me plez)

my darlings, my huns.  ♥

i know this post is abit boring because there is only pictures and caption, so okay lah, i share something with you guys.
TAE YANG's WEDDING DRESS. omfg. i am sooo in love with this song. i prefer this one more than I need a girl seriously, idk why, but what i kno is, HE IS SHOOO HAWT!
thanks QingYan for introducing this to me. weee. no harm listening to good songs :D

i wana have a grand wedding, i wana have a great wedding dress, i wana have my dream guy.

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