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Hey peeps, i am still an effective blogger, i blog when i get a chance to blog la ok. :D
i am having reddish and swollen eyes due to the careless me who din notice my contact lens are already spoil. :( itchy max!

blah. so just a small update nao. gtg oioi later. having the whole week examz! wtf. stressed ;/

how i predict myself as a goina-be-adult?
1. I am goina learn howda DRIVE! do you kno how much this means to me? woot! DRIVING LEH!! :D yes, undang class next sunday!
2. I am turning 18 next year which i can watch 18PL movie legally! (pubs, clubbing etc)

3. I am already planning my future and which college/university nao. wtf why so fast one.
4. i am going to have SPM already in Nov. RIP. gime energy plez.

But still, i enjoy being a happy go lucky student right nao! :D happy weekends!

PS:   Today's: GERMANY!!!!! 


  1. wow...turning 18..so nice...i m so old liao...how i wish i m 18 now...LOL...

  2. Vivian: young is fab too! :D haha. you grow FAST XD you dont even notice lols

    Kenwooi: yay! when i get older, i'll be thinking like you nao

    Enjoy your life guys!

  3. Good luck for yr spm! Must struggle and work hard for it :3 Okay, now I sound like yr mum lol

  4. Ahaha, learning to drive is fun. But once you learn how to drive? Chauffeur. All day long. That time, not so happy can drive !!! @.@

    Anyways, 18 is a wonderful age to be at (Gawd, I sound ancient >.<) so enjoy life at this age, no rush mannn :D

  5. spm's gonna be over before u know it. and driving is cool, for the first few weeks. then it becomes routine - but the freedom of having a car and being able to take it anywhere... that's priceless.

    the day i got my car i took a roadtrip to penang from melaka :P

  6. Hilda: thankiew thankiew :D haha nono, u r nice :)

    Liz: yea, i heard ppl around saying like that too, i will b the new driver in my house. lols

    kok: wow, i bet my mum wont let me do that cus i am so stupid in directions. :Z.



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