Congratulation ♥


UGH, WHY ME!!!!! D: 
(my 1st reaction lah can)

yes, I dont likey the TAHNIAH they sent me :(. sad can! they should say, MAAF, ANDA TERPILIH.
haiz. but rather being pekchek and sad like this, think to the bright side:
1. I will be SLIM after i come back :D weeeeee. free diet course man.
2. meet more friends from different places. 
3. if i got the Sabah/Sarawak batch, then i'll be even more happy :) 

lols, must be happy-go-lucky mah!
nevermind, alot of ma babes and dudes terkena juga.=0=

 highlight for the post. YeowSoon is telling the truth XD

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  1. you will definitely enjoy it, dont worry. i am the guo lai ren :} and no, you wont be slim. 6 meals a day! but turning darker is something you cant avoid.

  2. Munn: hey! dont be sad XD lols. hope we get to meet there :"D

    Hilda: really? yea i heard bout the 6 meals a day story:( but i dont i can get use with the food there. hahs. must bring loads of sun block there XS

  3. Congratulation! I wish I can join too but too bad. During my time there is no NS.

  4. Tolanic: never mind :D i'll have fun for you! haha! ;D thanks

  5. I've heard lots of bad things about NS but also lots of good. Hopefully it won't be too bad for ya!

  6. Tottens: :D yea i hope so too. hope i am lucky then. peace! ;D

  7. No worries^^ You'll enjoy it for sure. And Ohya, healthy "tans" for your skin too:) Happy NS!:)

  8. chenlin: :D yeap, i will be back and post my photos with healthy tanned skin XD

  9. many who went said it was a good experience? =)

  10. Daphne: oh god u r lucky lah

    Ken: i hope so! thanks XD

    Liing: owww, never mind, we try to have fun then :D



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