Baby Boys ♥


combination of photos. :D SMILE DARLINGS!

i just woke up. it's 1pm i know. because i had insomnia last night. :( serious flu some more.*sigh* and so, i spent the night via editing my baby boys photos! :D

my baby boys aint boyfriends *wtf how can i have boyfriendS ==*
my baby boys are my brothers: BEAR and CASTER. the Labrador and Australian Silky ♥

  This is Bear boy :)

We started having him 12 years ago. he is now 84 years old.

this boy, is old already. seriously i am super worried about him. as you know, i am lucky enough to have him with us for 12 years. and i dont like the feeling that, i feel that, he's goina leave. 

Having him is better than having a boyfriend. he never betrays us, he always listen to me. when i was a child, i had troubles which i cannot tell me parents or whoever, then i'll talk to him. dont think i am insane ok! he knows how i feel 
I love you boy :D 

The australian silky. Caster boy. 

i had him, i think 4 years ago ? that means 28 years old

this fella always bully bear boy, terbalik pulak ==. but he is cute when he lies on bear boy :) we got him from my cousin, when he had skin problems and so we plan to take care for him for a while and ended up taking care of him until now :)

he is adorable, i know, and he is ours :D 

Pets are always the best soulmate i shall say, they are far more better than a boyfriend. Lovable ♥

PS: one night i feel like crying when i know that bear boy cannot stand up. his hinds are starting to get weak already. the whole week i missed him like hell! Bear boy, che che love you so much! 



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