Baby Boys ♥


combination of photos. :D SMILE DARLINGS!

i just woke up. it's 1pm i know. because i had insomnia last night. :( serious flu some more.*sigh* and so, i spent the night via editing my baby boys photos! :D

my baby boys aint boyfriends *wtf how can i have boyfriendS ==*
my baby boys are my brothers: BEAR and CASTER. the Labrador and Australian Silky ♥

  This is Bear boy :)

We started having him 12 years ago. he is now 84 years old.

this boy, is old already. seriously i am super worried about him. as you know, i am lucky enough to have him with us for 12 years. and i dont like the feeling that, i feel that, he's goina leave. 

Having him is better than having a boyfriend. he never betrays us, he always listen to me. when i was a child, i had troubles which i cannot tell me parents or whoever, then i'll talk to him. dont think i am insane ok! he knows how i feel 
I love you boy :D 

The australian silky. Caster boy. 

i had him, i think 4 years ago ? that means 28 years old

this fella always bully bear boy, terbalik pulak ==. but he is cute when he lies on bear boy :) we got him from my cousin, when he had skin problems and so we plan to take care for him for a while and ended up taking care of him until now :)

he is adorable, i know, and he is ours :D 

Pets are always the best soulmate i shall say, they are far more better than a boyfriend. Lovable ♥

PS: one night i feel like crying when i know that bear boy cannot stand up. his hinds are starting to get weak already. the whole week i missed him like hell! Bear boy, che che love you so much! 

Waka waka ♥


when you feel in love with the music, you can never get yourself out of it

it saturday again! omg. time flies, :( did my undang class, the lecturer was nice and funny. it doesnt seem boring like the others said so. maybe i took the english class?

am going to DBKL later for CHKL Windband concert, that means, there will be loads more photos to be updated. BUT before that, a photo to share.

My latest camwhore fever mate:
:D hey girl boy girl *wtf* (she dont like people to say her leng lui she like us to call her cool lengzai)

Congratulation ♥


UGH, WHY ME!!!!! D: 
(my 1st reaction lah can)

yes, I dont likey the TAHNIAH they sent me :(. sad can! they should say, MAAF, ANDA TERPILIH.
haiz. but rather being pekchek and sad like this, think to the bright side:
1. I will be SLIM after i come back :D weeeeee. free diet course man.
2. meet more friends from different places. 
3. if i got the Sabah/Sarawak batch, then i'll be even more happy :) 

lols, must be happy-go-lucky mah!
nevermind, alot of ma babes and dudes terkena juga.=0=

 highlight for the post. YeowSoon is telling the truth XD

tuning into: you and me - Olivia Ong

Online in School's IT room :D


yeah just a small update. i never tried onlining in my school except for school's project or society's formal letter perpose. so yes, i am here, for the bloody add maths project!

my day had been so dremy due to the examination. EXAMS CAN KILL you know? *sighs*
i guess i just failed my Chemistry AGAIN. wtf.

never mind and bye peeps! am off to the library, CALCULUS. :(

i am starting to get use with life without any of his hugging and kissing.
what i love is, the way he stand beside me all the time :)

Wedding Dress ♥


I am always in love with wedding dress. :) ♥

ahaha. i am actually inb a grumpy mood cus i cant get to do my project, cannot open the file and i have not study yet and i am almost dead but never mind, to keep me out of the grumpy mood, i choose to blog :D

since i just met my huns, i wana blog about my hun's birthday which is, in April *chuckles*

My Huns :))

the tough and beloved girl 

the pretty and beloved birthday girl :D

everytime we camwhore, the birthday girl's boy sure come and photobump us. :/ jealous we stole her girl away XD

Best shot of the day ;) loves!

boys were playing Wii and start getting sweaty. == 

from the upper view

Birthday cake. :D

i can bet she is super happy with the wide smile on her face

 Chang family. (same surname lols)

her school gang. sorry for the blur effect. you guys were moving non stop. hahs.

everyone watching him playing the super BIG lighter

Kathy's chiwawa loves the boys very much == 

 Nom nom strawberries. it's sour. malaysian strawberried memang like this one. :(

this lovely dovey camwhoring.

and we are even more active in camwhoring. LOLS

weeeee. i told ya :P

with Jason. he says he wana camwhore with leng luis. XD (dont BOO me plez)

my darlings, my huns.  ♥

i know this post is abit boring because there is only pictures and caption, so okay lah, i share something with you guys.
TAE YANG's WEDDING DRESS. omfg. i am sooo in love with this song. i prefer this one more than I need a girl seriously, idk why, but what i kno is, HE IS SHOOO HAWT!
thanks QingYan for introducing this to me. weee. no harm listening to good songs :D

i wana have a grand wedding, i wana have a great wedding dress, i wana have my dream guy.

Goina-BE-Adult ♥

Hey peeps, i am still an effective blogger, i blog when i get a chance to blog la ok. :D
i am having reddish and swollen eyes due to the careless me who din notice my contact lens are already spoil. :( itchy max!

blah. so just a small update nao. gtg oioi later. having the whole week examz! wtf. stressed ;/

how i predict myself as a goina-be-adult?
1. I am goina learn howda DRIVE! do you kno how much this means to me? woot! DRIVING LEH!! :D yes, undang class next sunday!
2. I am turning 18 next year which i can watch 18PL movie legally! (pubs, clubbing etc)

3. I am already planning my future and which college/university nao. wtf why so fast one.
4. i am going to have SPM already in Nov. RIP. gime energy plez.

But still, i enjoy being a happy go lucky student right nao! :D happy weekends!

PS:   Today's: GERMANY!!!!! 

Two is better than one ♥


a beginning picture to let the story starts :D .

holla! I am awake in the late afternoon having lemon juice and a piece of cake as brunch. ;D nope, not healthy at all :( gah.

our school having the 2 years once sports day on thursday and friday. i'd always love sports day. cus after these 2 days, the class friendship bond will be even more tighter. i havent get all the photos actually, wating for Adrian and WenTah to upload. :D

1st day:)) the board! i made the night before. glad that they like it. *happy* although it looks abit, childish lah. but, IT IS SO SHARP SO COLORFUL that people from far can see x)

the chicken. we all love him. :D it is Vic's chicken. hm, when u press on the chicken, i'll scream as if he is suffering. hohoho. it appears in newspaper once which they say it can reduce stress. LOLS. i dont know la but i feel happy when i press it == wtf.

see how much we love it? they call him, VUVUCHICKEN. and idk why.

the 1st day, not really happy, i mean, not really in mood :( idk la, i feel sorry:"(

nvm, the 2nd day was AWESOMENESS! 

wanted to snap a pic of 2 plus 1. but that kacau TzongHan came in. photobump on purpose. ==

Ps: thanks tzong han for the advice and all the caring! can hug die you already. XD

yeay we are the 2 PLUS 1. 2 refers to me(vocal) and QingYan(pianist) & 1 refers to Horsey(guitarist). LOVE DIE THEM. ;P

the most awesome part of the day is, HUMAN WAVE. idk what they call in english, it's direct translate.
this pop into my mind in a sudden, and i was planning why not all form 5 do this, last year liaw mah, so i ajak JunChi. thanks so much for being crazy with me eh, :D.
but what i didnt expect is, THE WHOLE SCHOOL PLAYING HUMAN WAVE!!!!!! can u imagine?! over 4000 students playing human wave in Stadium Bola Sepak Cheras!!!! 

Love the slogan. 
Love dance. 
Love the way we cheered. 

PS: 5sAi. go study Bio nao. really alot to study you kno ==. dont fail eh. we plan to do all our best together in SPM!  aza aza fighting! lols.

Two is better than one. :D all of us working together is better than one alone.

No need photoshop ♥



seriously i love die the effect. (love die is the new language, i mean, Malaysian's common broken english). the only thing i did is, USE THE OLD CAMERA. 

this is the camera i used. super long long time ago i start using. only 4 megapixel.
yes i am poor i dont have a high tech camera. but using old camera isnt a bad thing too. all you need is, technic.

1st step: stick loads of mag covers on the wall. (save budget no need use so much money can)
2nd step: ur camera on. WITH FLASH LIGHT ON. 
3rd step: pose and SNAP! 

the effect of mags and flashlight on is chio max! looks like lomo pics. ;)

i love this kinda camwhore cus i dont need to edit photos. = = that's why i seldom edit my pics.

random update! :D 

Blah blah blah ♥


hey readers! seriously i have no idea where to start. too much to blog. *grins* am having sore throat as i expected after all the yelling and screaming supporting classmates this two day. my last sports day. sad can. :( but, HEY! I LOVE MY HIGH SCHOOL LIFE AND I DONT THINK I WANA LEAVE SCHOOL THAT EARLY LO! nah, so many teenagers wana leave school asap. but me tak mao. :( cus you'll regret when u get out there meeting those reality. 

haha this will be a long and many words post. dun wana read? leave. or just look through the pics!

since 25th June ended. i havent even started blogging bout the concert day. not because i m lazy. i stared on the laptop screen, and wtf i cannot type anything. not that i dont have ideas, but it is cus MY MIND HAVE TOO MUCH TO SAY BUT CANNOT TYPE OUT ONE. so i need time to refresh and chill chill.

Intro concert successfully ended. although there are some negative feedbacks. especially the sound system prob. but nvm, this is the way of improvement mah! the moment i stand on the stage, yea, DAMN IT. i love the feelings and the cheering. this is why i love the stage so much. after loads of hard work. this paid. :D thankiew all committee going through up and downs together.

we started like this, arguments, tears, laughter and sometimes, disappointment. burnt midnight oil together, ate mamak every breakfast. Nasi Lemak plus Teh Tarik. (and my must have, ROTI KOSONG :D )

over stressed. did stupid stuff together. eg: singing SHALALALALA to every bus passed by, camwhore in the middle of the road, dancing NOBODY on the spot. videoed a darn retarded until i can bang wall when i watch once again nao video. these are all Oldtown Kopitiam WHITE COFFEE KAO KAO 's fault.

and we did it! *what?* WE DID IT. i was pretty nervous on rehearsal day. wtf. everything went wrong. almost EVERYTHING WENT WRONG. flashback that night. i had insomnia. heard someone asking me to pass the mic to him. wtf max. but hey, so what? the point is, we did it!


:D cool or not? weeeeee. been looking through ALL SCC's FOLDER. like flipping through the lomo yellowish photos. (wtf i feel like i am an old woman nao) TSK. the point is, looking back how we prepared on this concert, it is like, wow, we did so much but yet there is still something we ignored, there is still something we can improve.

but what didnt change all way long is, WE LOVE THE WAY WE PLAY MUSIC. 

rockers, i love die you all. (Goh Kah Mun's style)


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