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phew, just came back from Ipoh, my hometown, and am super tired nao. but cannot let my self down. i am starting to miss the zhu cheong fan in Kampar, NOMS!

well, just a lil lil short update. i miss my hometown shooo much! because there is enough food for me to nom. lols. fat! if there is streamyx then it would be perrrrrfect!

all of us have shades, :D

still holding his football game cards. adui... 

PS: shades can cover non make up fugly faces.

im putting on light touch ups. but look at my brother, um.. ignore plez.

thankiew CLEO for killing my boredom. 

mirror mirror on the wall. 
who's the fairest on the world! 

remember i said i bought a purple lens. :D see!! i love it! it makes my eyes look so much bigger o.O

the purpose i put Mayday as title is because i was chatting with Cloey and Ely via msn just nao. both of them went for Mayday's DNA concert and are super HIGH nao. adui. Ely got a pick from Guai Shao somemore. lucky max! 

nao, i wana..... 

will overnight @ YiiYan's due to the preparation for concert for 3 nights
wtf i gan cheong max. plez support us!



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