John Tempesta Asia Clinic Tour ♥


Dai Kar hou, ngor hei Cheong Man Heng :D

wtf. T__________________T

came back from the 4 days seminar, today was the rehersal day and it wasnt ok. i really can die this time.  there is so many things not done yet! WHYYYYYYYY T^T. how i wish i got a magic wand and PHOO! tada everything will be fine. 

*think too much* 

25th June 2010. INTRO CONCERT  *click*

so enough for the annoying brain keep on reminding me what to do. 

Drums is what i have always wanted to learn. but wtf my parents say i havent gao dim my bloody piano lesson so NO plus, no money T^T. and they say why i always wana learn boyish stuff one. wtf

(some of the following photos are credits to Jimmy Toh)
John Tempesta, a well known drummer *weeeeeee* came Malaysia for his Asia Clinic tour :D

i actually did a last minute decision to go cus i wasnt in a OK mood. but lucky i made the right decision! haha. although i pokkai liaw cus the taxi driver charge me rm15 from my place to Bukit Jalil by using the highway!!!! D:

Held at Wisma Bently Music on 30th May 2010.

Thankiew my dearest room mate Cloey for accompanying me ;D

see what Hong Feng is doing before the show starts. ==
Nen nen & Jimmy

this is Ely Tham, le guitar pro. or should i say, music pro! 

 i wasnt that lucky :(

i forgot what are we laughing at. lols. 


i first think: wah drum solo how to solo wor? can meh? the whole bloody one hour plus how to solo wor? ==
after the show: omfg why is he so fucking pro! 

he can do his bass so great! :D PUI FOK MAX.

after the show, everyone get a chance to snap picture with John's drum.

Happyyyyy :D 

Zhildjian drums.

*hati gatal* 
me want play drum lahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh marmie. gah.

ow rocker!

thankiew so much Nen for making this happen cus he offer me to go for this show :D adui another drum lover.

i love Bently music cus they have lotsa guitars hanging like this, the WHOLE FLOOR LOR!
Ely's mood was weeeee weeeeeeee when he sees this. nao when u talk about guitars, i will link to ELY THAM. wtf

reveling himself. lols. 

Autograph session

:D i love his tattoo on his arms

 close up


John, you ROCK MAX!

 toilet session camwhore. 

and went nom nom in 1U,

Just Dessert. 

no more pic due to me, tired like hell and i dunoh why. nao i think i am super old liaw cus i cannot tahan till 2am. wtf. how can! hm, maybe this is more healthier mah, hor? 
 had fun with Shaun, Josephine, Season and Coody yesterday. everyone work hard together to achieve the same dream via drinking coffee and burning midnight oil. lols. 

ps: coody we promised to camwhore max someday!

I want to win a TX5 via nuffie! D:

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