Hey Soul Sisters ♥


i sob today wtf. 

yeay i m back! aw home sweet home. *kisses floor mat* wtf that wasnt hygiene at all.

PS: i m actually retyping because when i click PUBLISH POST my bloody Digi Broadband disconnect and TADA tak ada save! wtf. T_____________T sad case can.

ok scroll down and nao i present the Chang's Siblings camwhore kao kao family. *huh?*

 this is just the warm up session.



mine is starry starry night version. my sis is wtf-the-bird-shit-on-me version

do not think my bro is kesian. he is super lucky to have such sisters can.
*throw lemons*

Can u see that?

huh? DUH?

omg! i see YOU!

acting bitchy with shades

act cool #1

act cool #2

act cute #1 ps: failed

act cute #2 ps: FAILED MAX

so i guess we didnt scare u guys away right? hohoho. :D this is our stlye lah. u suka tak suka u sendiri judge! gah. i just love my siblings 
Tuning into: JS - Officially missing you

fantastic people fantastic life u meet once in a life time. :)


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