Snipers ♥


hot weather make me freak out! 

so, did i mention my blog is a lil boring nowadays? so to lighten it up A LIL. ytd i took me bro's laser toy gun to play and to pan yeh. T__________T

proudly present: the Chang snipers. 
Wayne & Minnie. 
*lame max*

Me lah. with the carrot legs. ignore plez can.

shock max! why? cus i am the one who took this pic. :D

trying not to burst in laughter. wtf. i look like.... _________? 
i dunoh. fill in the blanks bah! 

we syok sendiri memang fun one. yea, like sister like brother. 
that's all for today! :) thankiewww. 

no you cant kiss me :X

tuning into: Luka - Olivia Ong


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