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i'll be like this situation again. cus mid term is only 10 days away! :(( sad. i promise i'll DO ALL MY BEZ. yes, i will :) *gime energy!* 

lahhhh. sorry i didnt wana be a nerd. too bad i will because it's my SPM year. never mind. i'll be normal again, or even more crazy after the SPM. :*)

we cannot live without food. how can?! i cannot understand those who wana go on diet and dont eat anything nice. *scratch head* whyy?

i think it was last last saturday, stay back in hostel since i am having LMH tuition. (tell him i sacrifice alot, cut down my fees plez XD)  so, my & B went out for branch, btw, we tagged along Jac & Kelvin. 

in the bus. :) 
we crap non stop all the way from the hostel to the bus until we reach Kepong Jusco. 

1st round @ Shushi King. :) our choice all the time 

B and me turn out to be super normal couple that day. 
why? heheheh scroll down

this 2 fella super geli made me and B wanted to puke on the spot. (paiseh to be so disgusting lah ok)
they were like. 
:hun, i smell good today
:hun, yeah u smell good today i feel like eating u up. 
(just example lah they didnt really said sth like that but ALMOST LIKE THAT) 

Jac dont kill me . 

and me and B gave them the =0='' look

 Jac was super angry as Kelvin bought YG Magazine. 
ok that is not the point, the point is, it's Girl's Generation inside. 
Kelvin begging Jac not to tear off his poster. 

while the boiiz were paying. 
we havent stop crapping nonsense. T^T

2nd round, MillWheel
:D i just love desserts. dont u? 
My mango snowflakes. 

their Chocolate snowflakes. 

deco were obviously cute max! 

recommend u guys to visit. there's already many MillWheel. in Puchong, Sunway and so on. ♥

3rd round, Tea1 Bubble Tea !   ♥
omfg. i am sure u guys tried bubble tea before. some were tea with so darn less 'pearl' inside. u needa adjust so that the last mouth still fill with 'pearl' 
BUT, no more worries, Tea1 bubble tea got super loads of PEARL. XD just keep on sipping and the last mouth is still full of PEARL. 

the almost burst into laughter look

my original bubble tea. 

The shop is located a row behind TM Point, Kepong.
sorry i cannot find the address :( 

then, i went LMH tuition  loh 
then, went home. 
another round of Japanese Food. NOMS 

Kiku Zakura @ IOI Mall Puchong

interior deco is very comfortable to be in

tableware were cute too

my beef ramen. 

to be honest. 
i think the food were so so only. :( not satisfied. prefer the one i used to bong chan one in Bdr Puteri.

if u've followed me via Twiiter. u'll kno i bumped into Zhu Hao Ren in IOI Mall. 
ps: i didnt recognize him at first. i OS in my heart: Why this guy wear so lala in IOI one? yer. 
then my sis feel like banging the wall due to she wasnt brave enough to ask for a pic. TT 

btw, Will and ahYuk very having a small music concert in Sense Cafe. :D 

tuning into: - 


  1. bad guy..
    post my ugly pic on ur blog...

  2. hi, you have nice blog.. u can view also mine..

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  4. Yinz: whops hahahaah no lah leng mah babe

    John: yeap of cus dun mess with the Chang's leng luis XD

    Joven: visited thanks!



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