Crowd Fever! ♥


I cannot see the love light in your eyes. :) 
yes, imma sorry that my blog is half dead for 2 weeks. iwas having my midterm examination. wtf. i even woke up in the middle of the night memorizing the Physics equation. DIE. 

ok lah. 
so, while waiting my beloved ahYee to upload the photos with her TX1. == 
i'll blog about music! :D 

i am having my CROWD LU FEVER AGAIN
remember to eat breakfast! 

#1. I No. i love this. alike to my happy-go-lucky's his attitude too! Let's rock and roll

#2. 再见勾勾. love this music most! why his music can be this great. :( i dunoh. maybe some of you hate him alot but I LOVE U CROWD!

#3. :D see how cute is my crowd lu! haha im learning. T__________T lols. haha!

so. OW! this is the CROWD FEVER GUYS!       XD   ♥

PS: i m ok i m fine. how i wish to get away from the reality.

tuning into: Luka - Olivia Ong.

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