Baby Lab Bear ♥


this is when i say i had my PINK day. haha! 

ok i think my blog is starting to be a lil sien, as in boring. 
*deep sighs* 
never mind, i'll improve. :D this is what blogger must do mah. 

super paiseh cus very lil nice pics cus yea, IMMA NERD LATELY. 

so i wana posy my baby lab bear here:
hehe. this is my baby lab. his name is BEAR. dont ask why we named it bear lah, cus he looks like a bear. reminds me when he was just  a little cutie lab :) nao he is even more CUTE

every weekend i came back home from hostel, i'll say HI! to my baby lab before i say HI! to my mom. ngek, and when i cant find anyone to talk to, i'll pet him and have a heart to heart talk with him. 

so he is my love. :)                                  ♥

so how do u love urs?

 this is how i looked in the past examination, 
nao i got dark eye circles, 
pimples popping, 
and i looked pale :/ 
wtf u wont wana see my face nao. 

tuning into: Olivia Ong - Aint not sunshine

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