Pasta Zanmai syok max day! ♥



need loads of support! and cheers. and, am trying to myself as busy as possible. well, I AM GOINA BE BUSY IN THE WHOLE BLOODY JUNE. because the concert is stepping near. *bites finger*

as i promised. no more sad post. no more emo shitty posts. so, here we go. 

right after i finished my midterm exams. the physics day, which is again RIP. 
went Mid Valley with babe Yee
(this fella promised to blog about our SYOK MAX DAY but ffk me)

watched my i-must-watch-this movie: IP MAN 2 
thanks to Mayyi which they booked these tickets but turn out in RedBox. lols.
it's 18! 

 to prove that i am really inside. lols

um, with this child looking lil girl. 

the ticket man gave us a "are u sure u r 18?" look. 
and gave us an evil smile.

♥ ♥ ♥ 

ratinf: 9/10 XD

ZOMFG. how i love him!! even nao i still got the syok max feeling. ;D

Sammo Hung was awesome ! 

i love his wifey in IpMan2 even more! 
so pretty. 
she's Lynn Hung

i didnt notice Huang XiaoMing is this hawt! 
:D omg omg. no wonder girls are crazy over him.
the first movie i likey him is in the Snipers. 
nao, even more! :D

Battling between IpMan & Twister. 
i actually think this angmoh is really a not bad actor! 
cus he successfully made us all hate him max! D: 
try to google bout him. hehe. 

aw Donnie Yen. 

IpMan, he's great husband, great father, great friend. 
he's a great Chinese. 

ok ok, backkkk!
 i started sob sob from the beginning till the end. :( 
touching max.

2nd movie for the day: Shrek 3. which Yee assume she must watch. 


rating: 7/10
i even sob sob int his movie. wtf. izit the bloody pressure making my tears flowing non stop? 
btw, really got some touching scene la 

le shrek babies. :D
so cutieee.

remember him? it's Pussy in the boots!
but he's sooooooooo FAT . 
i cannot google his look is shrek 3. pek chek! 

oh whateva. 

after the movies, dine in at Pasta Zanmai
Pasta Zanmai

they are having they My special Promotion. 
worth it! 
so um, there is one more day till May ends. 
so, hurry up!

cannot make her decision which one to order. 
she wanted everything!
 she loves camwhore

me love camwhore too. 

that's why we choose to sit beside the big big mirror. 

my mini set :)
Tempura pasta, Taufu Soup, and the eel rice set.
only worth rm22. 

sniff sniff :D

thumbs upppp!

her set of chicken pasta, and mini pizza with loads of mushroom topping! 
also rm22.



satisfied! and full max. =0=

it's finger licking good. lols.

HEHE, i'll eat u up!

this is why i came in to Pasta Zanmai. 
Tofu Cheesecake for dessert. nom max!

must pose with this lil pretty first before she RIP in my stomach.

 last one last one. *cheers*

le HOU HANG FUK AH expression after nom nom



it's the syok max day!
how i wish my day would be like this all the time:(
from far we saw these. 
and we say:" hey look! nike having sport bra promo meh? wahhhhh!"
i kno. silly us. 
Bra = Brasil not SPORT BRA.


Nike football campaign. 

World cup fever!

my stich pose to tell u that I M OK!

Okay ♥


it's not the end of the world. 

well, i think i should blog this up. 
if u've been following my Twiiter and Facebook. you'll kno my recent status. 
and so, everyone will be really really concern. 

I am ok ok :) just need some time to get use with the single life. 

to avoid awkwardness happening. 
i'll explain. 
we break up because of we are thinking about focusing on the studies. yea. so that's a happy ending. we are still friends, no worries. :) 

But i need alot of cheer up energy! 
i need u guys to be with me. 

no more Emo Shitty post lah! 
 should i watch Prince of Persia / Kidnappers ?

Down ♥


countdown: 1 day. 

:) smile darling smile. 

been feeling very very lost after my midterm. dunoh whether i can cope with my veterinarian dream anot. nao i really can understand, Dreams are not easy to achieve. :X *sighs* 
SPM getting near. 
Concert getting near. 
time to make a decision whether or not to continue chasing what i wanted.
time to make a decision which way to go. 
wtf looks like the road not taken. 


if tomorrow nothing happens,
this means, 
it's the end for us too.

Crowd Fever! ♥

I cannot see the love light in your eyes. :) 
yes, imma sorry that my blog is half dead for 2 weeks. iwas having my midterm examination. wtf. i even woke up in the middle of the night memorizing the Physics equation. DIE. 

ok lah. 
so, while waiting my beloved ahYee to upload the photos with her TX1. == 
i'll blog about music! :D 

i am having my CROWD LU FEVER AGAIN
remember to eat breakfast! 

#1. I No. i love this. alike to my happy-go-lucky's his attitude too! Let's rock and roll

#2. 再见勾勾. love this music most! why his music can be this great. :( i dunoh. maybe some of you hate him alot but I LOVE U CROWD!

#3. :D see how cute is my crowd lu! haha im learning. T__________T lols. haha!

so. OW! this is the CROWD FEVER GUYS!       XD   ♥

PS: i m ok i m fine. how i wish to get away from the reality.

tuning into: Luka - Olivia Ong.

Snipers ♥


hot weather make me freak out! 

so, did i mention my blog is a lil boring nowadays? so to lighten it up A LIL. ytd i took me bro's laser toy gun to play and to pan yeh. T__________T

proudly present: the Chang snipers. 
Wayne & Minnie. 
*lame max*

Me lah. with the carrot legs. ignore plez can.

shock max! why? cus i am the one who took this pic. :D

trying not to burst in laughter. wtf. i look like.... _________? 
i dunoh. fill in the blanks bah! 

we syok sendiri memang fun one. yea, like sister like brother. 
that's all for today! :) thankiewww. 

no you cant kiss me :X

tuning into: Luka - Olivia Ong

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