Starbucks ♥


how's ur weekend? mine was great! :) 
just went Nirvana Memorial Park for Ching Ming. 
miss my grandpa and grandma thou :(

met up with my couzies! chitchat and gossip alot. yea u kno, girls. :D

yesterday, since the outing plan was ruin, ahJia and I went IOI Mall for a movie. must chill a lil after a hard night *phew*. pek chek max! TT

dine in @ Sushi King.
Japanese food is luv! 

ate furry peas. hahahah. :D

bought Cleo & Vivi at last from popular! 
super gan cheong opened and read it immediately. 


we are. BLA BLA GANG! ;D
we rox partner! 

movie for the day: Clash Of Titans. 
ratings: 8/10 :)
if u've watched Percy of Jackson, i think the cast in this movie is almost similar with it. 
Madusa is cool max! look into my eyes, you'll stone there forever.
and me and AhJia keep on assuming Perseus looks like mrYiZhang aka AhPek. 
not LOOK LIKE. obviously Perseus is far more cuter than ahPek lah! duh. 
only, the actions the styles of Perseus ( hou cooooll ahhh :D)

Partners :)

our Plan A was RedBox KTV w/ my hostel gangs. 
but turn up only me and ahJia due to various difficulties. *um....*
whatsoever. thankiew for accompanying me ♥

Starbucks Choc Cream Chip :D
at last! i was craving for this for the whole bloody week LOLS. 


sipping the 1st sip *slurrrrpppp*

shared with ahJia as we almost pokkai dy.

cheeeseeeee :))
am waiting for my dad to arrive. 

reading Cleo, drinking Starbucks, have a great friend to chit chat with u, chill chill, 
this is what i wanted ♥

 huh? caught u ahJia! u r my paparazi?! 

haha i dun care bye i'll finish off this choc cream chip nom nom!

crunching the choc chips

me snapping a photo of emo of hers. 
(she dont read Vivi one. she pan yeh only xD)

i asked her to snap for me but she kao kao zhan. TT. 
fail max! cannot even crop loh! T^T

starbucks is luv ♥

 all birthday cards from the lovelies! 
thankiew so much! :D will tag in FaceBook when i m free. um, i try to be lah ok? ^^ 

chocolates and lollipops! ♥

 and the second piece of Blueberry Cheesecake from Tzong Han. 
i gam dong max! he went out to Mutiara to buy me this cake. :) under the bloody hot sun! (why weather so freaking hot nowadays wtf)

ahJia, ahYee, Cloey, Jaclyn, Yun.
they waited till 12am sharp and sang Birthday song for me :) shooooooo sweet. 
(although their plan fail max lah, i looked at them preparing for my birthday LOLS)

for all the wishes! they meant a lot for me ♥

i kno who are true friends nao

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