seriously ♥


seriously, this is life! 

i seriously dunoh what to blog. i mean, i speechless nao. TT. just summarize what i am currently busy bout okay? i'll blog i swear ! :D

  1. I got the enthusiasm to gao dim my society currently after i went yamcha w/ the taekwondo senior KaiWei ( to be polite i call him my senior if not i call lou hai)  :D hahahaha.
  2. nao busy preparing for the June's concert! D: 
  3. examination ends and not satisfied! cus, careless max! (how can my add maths be better than modern maths? wtf)
  4. hehe. lols. :D ignore this one lah
  5. tomorrow outing with huns May & Kathy & JS ♥ 
  6. i didnt use mobile phone for a week and hellow! i survived :D
  7. enjoy life! BIG PEACE !                              Life isnt that jialak as u think it is  ♥rockko

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