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Love the world? :) 

yes i do.
(lols feel like marrying someone.==)

Peace of shitz.
my blog name. the purpose of naming my baby blog like this is, it's the shitz world but i make it peace. :) just in case u havent read me past post. 
i do feel the world is so shitty and unfair and i got the wtf why like this feel. 
but u can change everything, by changing ur point of view. 

as a 7teen. i am proud to have dream. 
i am proud i have a VETERINARIAN DREAM. 
i am thankful & blissful enough to have my love ones.

no matter what, includes the end of the world. my family will still stand beside me. 
i kno this, always. that's why family comes first!
i luv them, they luv me tooo. ;) 


i found someone i luv. 
he cares about me, he knows me, he listens to me, he speaks to me.

i got soulmates. 
we cry over for some idiot, we do crazy stuff, we laughed over silly things. 

i even got cousins who dolls up with me! 
(as u see, in this generation seldom cousins are this close, right?)
my uncles and aunties help each other when either of us are facing difficulties. 
how can u find such precious family?
but me, lucky enough to have one :)

 i luv both of my baby doggies.
just like normal siblings, they argue fight & bite just for food!
but in the end, they still sleep together, sweet just like couples. (awww)
they have this power. they are the most sincere friends. they are my brothers!

i have LOADS OF LUVs! 
i got people who can sense everything i wana say(dutdut), people who LOL with me all the time, people to encourage me whenever im stressed tired and depressed, i have a shoulder to lay on all the time. 

why sad? why emo?

u can say i m still young (or maybe not TT) u can say i dont understand how the ''adult's world'' is.

tell them u luv them in time, ok? 
who knows what happens the next second?

 You can have LOADS OF LUV like me too! 
(happy going is my attitude! ow!)

stop polluting, 
start using paper back, start using reusable tupperware, start using handkerchiefs... ermmm.
love yourself & the one who loves you too.
by doing these simplest stuff. ;)

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