Birthdays ♥


starting to feel like an outsider. 
April is my month and many others too! :) 
yesterday was my beloved mamrmie & old friend CheeHim's birthday! 
again, Happy Birthday! :D

March 30th was my rox max cousin Yyan Chang's 21st birthday! 
held a birthday party @ Klang. 200++ person arrived. wtf. crowded max.

MeiYen came to my house first and then off we went Klang. 
gossip alot in her car LOLS

plez bear in mind. we will appear in this posts alot cus we bored max as the birthday girl were busy that day. 

showing off her manicure. 

act cute together. = = 

brother was speechless with us. lols

mum's dress clash with the colour of the table cloth and she wasnt happy XD
and she was unhappy with this picture as my cousin brother wasnt smiling. 

this is more like it x)

then we sampat went upstairs and guess what we saw?

my cousin's pug were locked in the bathroom. 
poor girl! cus she was making lots of noise and kacau kacau.

cute max i love her!

too crowed in the house and MeiYen suggested we go walk around the area. 


kno why i snap this? 
by this very moment the whole street was quiet and spooky and dark. 
it's Earth hour. this house light up like they need light every single corner! wtf

skip that story. 
walk and not forgetting to camwhore kao kao .

tried to capture photos of jumping one. 

but ended up like this.. 
failed max. LOL

quickly went back as it was super spooky ( got dogs growling some more)
and the birthday girl is finally available ngek.
w/ birthday girl

3 of us. 
(one of the guy ask us not to camwhore 3 person cus there will be a 4th one appear in the photo)
but, it's still 3 of us. 

 balloons deco are luv!

21st birthday

 this balloon is special enough. there's on pink one inside and one more outside! cool :D
all balloons are from Balloon buzz. (my cousin's wifey works there)
No 3, Ground Floor, Jalan USJ 10/1E,47620,UEP Subang Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel: 03 5635 5587
Fax: 03 5635 6587
 marmie and the eldest in Chang.

w/ Miss MY :D

everyone started dao pao. 
dont waste food ok. Africa's kid got nothing to eat!

mum: faster come snap me dao pao. must snap one mah! 

my mum got her own container. :D

Birthday Cake! :) 
we chinese says 21st birthday as the gold key (old enough to own their own car and house) 
this explains the deco of the key. i think pink is the birthday girl's choice. 

look at her XD expression. haha!

her boyfriend! SWEET MAX! :D 

make a wish and blow the candle.
this is why i love birthdays cus u get to make 3 wishes per cake. 


everyone looking at different cameras. 

family photo
(marmie asked me to crop away her leg cus she were wearing slippers)
shhh, i m lazy. 

stayed till 2am ++ and were super sleepy. 
mum drove back cus...

dad was drunk! 
( this photo mum asking my dad to walk on the straight lines LOLs)

he needs to hold on my brother when he walk. adui. 

funny incident when we got home:
dad walk down from the car and walked towards our neighbors house. 
marmie: Mister, your house is right HERE not THERE.
daddie: huh?! *blur* i know ah, i walk there for a while cannot meh?
this is what we call stubborn.


There is still loads of photo's not uploaded yet here. so plez view my facebook album to view. 

end this post with this and hope it doesnt scare u

tuning into: 亲人 - 叮当


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