spell it, it's HOLIDAY! ♥


my room not this messy alr. 
i clean it up! :D 
hahhahahaha imma good girl i tell u . 

holiday! holiday holiday holiday, 
so u kno how happy i m ?
*jump jump shout shout dance sing FLYYYY

== lols. 

although this is a week which i gotta eat up the books, having activities.... 
but! i can rest lor at least. *sigh* 
tiring school days. ( but fun w/ the babes and dudes!)

another i so called mission this week is:
the hong yih foong says if everyday jog for minimum 30 minutes, sure slim down! 
u dun bluff me i tell u. (*0*)
ps: i wana kesian him cus he got a wholeeeee weeekkk of terrible camp. as he says so. 

tata! i am having cough flu and serious headache. 



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