peeps! ROAR! ♥


wtf. i kno i should be study. 
but wtf, i dont have the mood. 


fine fine fine. 

yesterday, went back to school for society activities. 
finished composing my song :) 
and, went and help painting for the TOILET. 
yes u see it no wrong. TOILET. bloody school. sigh. 

then with a bloody tired moody body i took the bus and went IOI MALL. 
in a sudden. no planning outing. 

w/ ahJia

my buddy ahJia. 

dine in @ Sushi King. :D

snap lai snap qu. 

tea anyone?
luv green tea 

a photo w/ her. 
um, and the plates in the middle. 
i have no idea why we think it's funny that the plate is in the middle. 

(wtf. im using GG also in a sudden. GG ==)

bought this in Daiso. 
yeah. as u see im on diet! arghhhhhhh. :( sad.

best pic of all! is currently my phone wallpaper too!
i want this in Mini Toons! 
u can get this for me, can? plezzzzzz. :( 


lucky i shoooooooo off quick enough for not bumping into HIM&HISNEWGIRL. 
if not, u'll see me in the head news this morning
"QIZHI MEI NV K.O. A FREAKING BIG JERK in the middle of the shopping mall!"


i still dont wana study. 
but i kno i should. wtf.



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