Happily ever after ♥


accidentally  zoom in effect.      :)
i dunoh where is my camera so i cannot upload my photos so the blog will be a lil boring until my parents come back this evening..... with the camera. i think so.


JJ's Cry in a distance ringtone... 

him: B u wake up dy ah? har?
me: wake up dy lor, nao. TT zomok?
him: ummm., im walking to ur house liaw..... 
me: huh???? (thought i am dreaming ==)
him: um, ya lah, almost there liaw. 
me: ok ok . i go open the gate for u. 
still blur. 

yes. he came :D 
to take care of me, the sick cat.D:



  1. actully u dun do those ghost fave hor, and smile seriously more lenglui lo. haha. =)

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  4. #yun. :D hahah thankiew! can i say this is the 1st time u leave comment here TT

    #martin. hanah hanah. but boh bian one wor i memang like my facial expression lols

    #mike. thanks alot!



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