Pets are adorable ♥


Happy CNY u guys. 
plez go home and have ur reunion dinner. 
it's all about reunion for CNY. 

share something w/ u guys. 
this is one of my precious one. :DD
got one more. ngek, later only i post for ya'll.
plez say he very cute lor.
he's name is Caster

" che che y close ur eyes one. " x)

actually trying to pujuk him to look at the camera. 

how cute! 

che che luv u, very much. 



he kno how to gong hei fat choi one. 
i'll post it up! 

PS: i think my house goina be a PETS ADOPTION HOME liaw. 
now my house got 5 hamsters & 2 doggies. 
last time my cousin use to bring his various doggies from his friend's shop to stay at my place. 

i dun mind, actually, i luv em! 

ps: some anoymous spmming my blog! urgh f off plez. 


  1. haha. saw ur comment, u go bought a hat after reding ur blog leh. mine is black colour de.

  2. #Martin: haha go snap photo snap photo. next time got chance if go out together wear the hat leh muahas

    #JohnCoeinne: yeaps. neh the ahHeong's fren one. ==



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