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i really got wake up to update blog lor :D

this post goina be lotsa random stuff. ngek. 
ok first of all, yes im 17 so i have my high school life lor. 
although packing with loads of homeworks, society works, and oral etc. wtf. T^T

this is to prove that i got do LMH homework one. 

gone fed up. 

and continue again ==
(plez ignore the way i sit kay, i m like that one lor)

photographer ahJia. w/ my xiaomao on her hand. ( xiaomao become lil blackie liaw ;( )

see this bottle i use for 3 days only. due to my big talking action or whateva
it RIP liaw. :(

i damn sad lor can

ahJia feel sad for me

seems like she very happy i got no bottle to use hmph

shot some random pic with my bottle (LMAO)
i actually ask her to be sad in the photo one. 
and end up, u see yourself lah. 

bye bye my luv :'(

MrFongPheng says: y u got kick by wenhsin still so happy one T_T

this is the way ahJia leave msg for me. 
as u see, i think January got lotsa birthday baby. ngek. :)

1st one got, MSTURTLE yoongwei. ^^

she got her extension on. so cool! so leng liaw lor her. :D

My beloved daddie birthday. 
his extremely big birthday card handmade from ME 

the paper she holding is from MingHao. he wrote the last word wrongly and tada, became sth funnay. ==

nah this one is mine. :)

my room mate's bday. 
the suprise plan failed cus i turn off the light but forgot to turn off the fan *bang wall*

pulling-out-the-candle-with-mouth ceromony

i look retarded. ==
skip skip skip. *i lazy liaw*

this is my BB Bear. (he's a Labrador but we name him BEAR cus he looks like one) 
we are bringing him to see his future wifey! 

he super excited. 
i so sanfuh at the back holding him asking him to sit sit sit. 

another adorable Labrador! his wifey. 
name: HAO POH. = =

pretty. :D

the wifey luvs him alot lor. idk why maybe becos my BB Bear too handsome liaw.

let them keng gai for a while. 
ps: MY BB BEAR IS NO MORE A VIRGIN! i hope he get to be the father :) i wana have a new puppy! *happy*

plus i tell u sth, my BB Bear din really behave well that day. 
he poo beside the wifey. my god. first impression boh liaw. D:


spot him. :D
ok lah, cus January is my baby boy's birthday so gotta get him something. 
i plan from last year's december lor. 

outing with ahJia and Joshua. 
to buy his prezzie. thankiew for accompanying me. :) 

lunch at Italiannies. 
we super yeng cus i walk in with my class tee, ahjia walk in with school's pj tee, joshua walk in with camp tee. LOLs. 


atmosphere were not bad. 

mouth watering food! 
i havent eat breakfast now, i very hungry liaw . :(

enjoying her bread. 
i luv em too! 

we ordered the same hot choc. 

he is fan guat zai.  

we want food! 

 LEMON. want some?

this is not pan yeh. she really eat one. 

SOUR. /*_*\

i give u eat lemon, NAH. wtf i become childish liaw.

w/ Joshua. i treat him like sai lou. therefore, there's so many ppl who thinks he's my real life sai lou. 

buudy BLABLA! :)
we not needa talk very much but understand what each other wana say, cus, we got sensor. 
*dut dut dut*

went lotsa store but cannot find the bag he wanted
i guess i went to the wrong place i should have search in TS/Sg Wang.
at last, decided to get it at FOS

his bday prezzie
then say bye bye to ahjia. 
me and joshua went MCD

my fave ice cream

kno why he happy?
cus i belanja him makan ice cream. 
boh bian, sai lou zhai. 


now i recommend a Germany Cuisine Restorant to you guys, 
it's in Puchong. 


thick mushroom soup

Pork feet. *slurps*

my berry shake. 

 my choice LAMB CHOP. 
omfg it is absolutely a thumbs up! 

arghhhhh i really hungry nao. 
Ciaoz! got a important outing to go later. :) 

your truly, hsin :D

ps: i luv my honeys! i luv u guys babe. 
to XXX: u too take care :)


  1. Hahah~
    I really thought u two are siblings last time. xDD

  2. geheheh
    those pictures made me smile so much :D

  3. your blog memang relax to read lo.

    i like random stuff liao now, thx to u.

    the wending y suddenly pop out? spoil my mood looking ur pics lo. haiz....

  4. your blog memang relax to read lo.

    i like random stuff liao now, thx to u.

    the wending y suddenly pop out? spoil my mood looking ur pics lo. haiz....

  5. #Grace. haha ya lor cus he not mature at all always so sai lou zai one. boh bian lor.

    #Nadiye. thankiew! smile more :) u deserve to.

    #martin. haha random is good. ngek. whops i tell wending k? :P aiks spoil my post liaw. lols

  6. Hello, I was just Blog-Hopping and ran across your blog. Very Nice!

    Be Well...



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