I am like my dad


Hey everyone. Happy Saturday! This morning, I woke up at 9am (which is unusual, I used to wake up pass 11am if there's no work), and started working on my upcoming videos. If you have not, click HERE to watch my new series called "Daily Minnie" where I vlog about what's happening in my life. 

I finished everything in two hours, forgetting I have yet to have breakfast *yiaks*

While my mom was preparing my breakfast, she mentioned my dad will be working in a new company next month. I'm quite surprised but, in a way proud that my dad is still hustling at this point. Also, I find myself like him a lot.

I remember back when I used to tell myself that I don't want to be like my dad. I don't want to be as stubborn as he is. I don't want to have the ego that he has. 
But now, I'm proud to say I'm very much like him. I didn't know how did this happen but by just being who he is, even with flaws, he'd shaped me into who I am, with his influence. 

I'm stubborn, which I didn't realize until Joe pointed that out to me. 
hmm. Ego, yes. The thing I'm trying not to be, but apparently, yes I got that too. 

However, I love hustling, even over the weekends, like now. I'm constantly finding ways to learn, even when I'm out of school. My dad has always been someone that values education a lot, where he 'die die' also will give us the best in education. I think that's the best thing he'd implanted in me where right now, I always want to hustle hard to provide the best education for my children too (not yet ah you all don't panic).

I guess what I want to say is that everyone has flaws, even our parents. But when you let your strength override your flaws, you'll inspire people around you, in the way you've never imagined.

First Impression: Curel Sebum Care Series


Another Kao's product on your way! Today I'm doing a first impression review on this Curel Trouble Sebum Care Series. It consists of foaming wash, lotion and moisture gel. I'll go through it one by one below! :) 

Curel is a Japanese brand where they aim to provide skincare solution for sensitive skin. They believe they way to help with sensitive skin is to develop highly effective ceramide solution (click here to read more). So they produce  researched based products that is gentle yet effective to people of different ranges.

This range that I’m reviewing  is suitable for sensitive and oily skin. I chose this series because I'm constantly sweating throughout the day. On some days, I need to have makeup on as well. My biggest worry now is my clogged pores which is making them more visible :( 

*all the links are at the end of the post*

 Step 1: Sebum Care Foaming Wash
"I've always heard about foaming wash but I've never tried them. First, I thought they wouldn't be hydrating. But surprisingly, it cleans my face without pulling or tightening my skin too much. In fact, I'm kind of digging the whole pump foam design as it's easy to use and very hygienic! Might be my favorite product out of all.

Step 2: Sebum Care Lotion
"It acts as a toner but has a thicker consistency. I think it's a moisturizing one but doesn't has a very obvious first result, probably need to observe more overtime. I think this consistency is best applied using my hands rather on a cotton pad" 

Step 3: Sebum Care Moisture Gel 
"I really love how the thick yet light consistency absorbs so fast into my skin. I actually added this in my travel bag so I could pop this out after my workout/classes. I prefer patting it softly on my skin to allow it to absorb thoroughly. First time after using I do feel a bouncy feeling. Would be a perfect moisturiser under makeup!"

Foaming Wash, Cleansing Gel, Trial kit & Intensive Moisture Cream 10% off promo
*1st September - 30th September 2017*

Available on 11street & Lazada

Long Distance Relationship


Hello everyone, I'm currently on the train heading to Ipoh. You may or may not know, Joe is from Ipoh and he is still there. I'm back in KL for good right now. So technically we're in a long-distance relationship. I know it's not that far apart anyway, it's just a two-three hours ride but still it is a long-distance one. 

At first, I'm very skeptical about LDR because I'm the kind that need the presence of the other half to feel his warmth and care. We had lots and lots of nights talking about this. On some days I'll even breakdown at the thought of LDR. Like how? 

After lots of discussion and reassurance from Joe (thank you), we (or mostly me), finally come to a conclusion that we must at least try our best. I still don't know how this work, but both of us are doing our best in making effort to visit each other as much as we could. Also, to communicate with each other all the time. The thing is, both of us are busy with work. Our schedules are often opposite which bothers me most, but there's nothing we could do about it, work is work. 

Some people have told me to stay in Ipoh. But I just didn't feel like I belong to the place. I feel so much happier being in KL. With that said (& I've blogged about this before), I don't want to give up/change my dream because of him. I might feel sour/blame him when I couldn't have the life I want. Plus, I'm really lucky to have such an encouraging boyfriend that'll push me to chasing my life despite wanting me to stay as well. 

Still in the midst of adapting to this. Hopefully it'll end soon, but for now, this is the biggest challenge we'll have to face. Have any of you dealt with LDR? Any tips or thoughts in maintaining a LDR?

Thanks for reading and we'll have some fun content next! 

My Daily Disposable Lenses Story (Bausch + Lomb Biotrue ONEday lens)


(What's in my makeup bag) 

Hello! My week started off pretty hectic T_T I started my new job, and am preparing for the documents with my new course next year anddddd picking up my part-time job. Thankfully all of these are going on pretty smoothly. PHEW! I do know there's some public holidays going on next week so I IZ VERY EXCITED.

Also, I remember that I've said I'll do a post on eyecare. So far I have not have a day where I could take nice pictures of the content I want. So I'll chunk it separately first. Today we talk about these Bioture ONEday Lenses and how I use daily lenses! 

(Read previous post for eyecare history)

I've been wearing lenses for the past 6 years. 
I started with those 3-months lens to monthly ones then to bi-weekly ones. Now, I've also included daily disposable lenses in my "collection". 

On normal days, I'll still use my bi-weekly lenses. But on special occasions, I'll use daily ones. 
Here's a few situation: 

1. Travelling
The last thing I want while travelling is a pair of tired eyes and the hassle to bring saline solution along. So, daily lenses are my best choice! I love that it's hassle-free and you'll feel comfortable in it too! A lot of times we'll be out whole day hence I wouldn't bring my bi-weekly ones because it'll be exposed to a lot of dirt and germs since we're outdoor long time.  

2. To the beach/pool
If I were to go to the beach/pool and I HAVE to have my lens on (because I legit cannot see T_T), I definitely wear my daily disposable ones. Once I get out of the pool/beach, I'll throw the lens away immediately. 

3. Long-day performances
As a dancer/performers, I'll need to have heavy makeup and lenses on for a long day for preparation. For example during Roots Dance Drama, I had to prepare by 10am and all the way until 11pm. I really didn't want my eyes to suffocate and with that heavy makeup on, my eyes confirm will get irritated (plus I got very sensitive eyes la) 

That's that! I've worn the Bausch + Lomb Biotrue ONEday Lenses for the three occasions before (now keeping a pair of it in my makeup bag as backup) and didn't have to worry much. Hehe. I hope you find this post informative! I would like to do more updates and informative posts rather than just products review. 

You may get it at most of the leading optical shops priced at RM125/box of 30pieces.

Thank you for reading and I hope you had a great start of the week!