What am I up to?


So... first, I went to Krabi with Joe. It was amazing.

then I came back, and I was bombarded with lots of work.

especially ROOTS Dance Drama preparation. We're counting down to less than a month to the day. 

oh, not forgetting we have Uprock coming in a week. But I'm glad we are having the buddies from Australia back here! 

well, if that is not hectic enough, I have a bunch of blogposts pending.Image result for stress pull hair gif

and surprise surprise, my health started to blink the red light in two weeks straight. 
Image result for sick gif

but all is good, we're back in good condition!

but also, in a midst to get prepared to head back to KL, for good.

So let's just conclude I'm having a roller coaster month and it's not going to stop until August.
wish me luck!

First Impression: Curel Sebum Care Series


Another Kao's product on your way! Today I'm doing a first impression review on this Curel Sebum Care Series. It consists foaming wash, lotion and moisture gel. I'll go through it one by one below! :) 

This range is designed for sensitive and oily skin. I chose this series because I'm constantly sweating throughout the day. On some days, I need to have makeup on as well. My biggest worry now is my clogged pores which is making them more visible :( 

*all the links are at the end of the post*

 Step 1: Sebum Care Foaming Wash
"I've always heard about foaming wash but I've never tried them. First, I thought they wouldn't be hydrating. But surprisingly, it cleans my face without pulling or tightening my skin too much. In fact, I'm kind of digging the whole pump foam design as it's easy to use and very hygienic! Might be my favorite product out of all."

Step 2: Sebum Care Lotion
"It acts as a toner but has a thicker consistency. I think it's a moisturizing one but doesn't has a very obvious first result, probably need to observe more overtime. I think this consistency is best applied using my hands rather on a cotton pad" 

Step 3: Sebum Care Moisture Gel 
"I really love how the thick yet light consistency absorbs so fast into my skin. I actually added this in my travel bag so I could pop this out after my workout/classes. I prefer patting it softly on my skin to allow it to absorb thoroughly. First time after using I do feel a bouncy feeling. Would be a perfect moisturiser under makeup!"

Links: trial kit promo (10% off with FREE shipping) *17th-27th July*

I have more "First Impression" reviews coming your way! Let me know what reviews you would like to read? 

Thai Paradise @ Pacific Regency Hotel


Hey ya'll! If you've followed me on Instagram you definitely know I went Krabi last week!  I did a ton of amazing Thai massage that makes me missed everything so much now! 
You don't really need to go book your flight to Thailand for that, instead, here's my experience at Thai Paradise that gave me the most luxurious message I've ever had. Here's the details on the experience.

Venue: Pacific Regency Hotel (9th Floor) 
Package & Price: 
30 mins Body Scrub + 1 hour Hot Oil Massage = RM320
30 mins Body Scrub + 1 hour Deep Tissue Massage = RM300 

p/s: Do ask the staff where the massage place is as there's two buildings and two lift system to it. 

 My thoughts: 
I really did love how the whole process went. From serving hot ginger tea, friendly staff & owner, to the massage techniques. I felt like it's not too strong for me. I especially loved the body scrub that left my skin baby skin soft. Everything is so clean and comfy inside! I do think it's quite a splurge on the price but it was a good session for me! As for Joe's, he did love all the setting but he does feel the massage wasn't strong enough. But then again, he's a huge guy LOL. It's located in KL town so we do think it's a good option if you staying nearby for holiday! Plus point, if you're staying at the hotel, call for the in-room service! ;D 

Jonlivia Hotpants & Hotbelt


大家好!好快又到了六月,时间都飞去哪儿啦! T_T
今天会用中文和大家介绍好物。如果你曾经读我上次的JONLIVIA review那你就对它不陌生啦。自从我穿上它教课之后,很多学生都纷纷问我,询问度超高!


"在我的历年愿望里都有 ‘马甲线’,可是迟迟都不能达成 T_T 我太爱吃啦!所以他们将这个热带寄来是我是有多么无比兴奋!那些小小的黑点会自动发热不用任何电器,所以很安全:) 我更期待的是,他们建议在经痛时期穿上,舒缓疼痛。救星啊!我试了几次,热度会一直徘徊所以很有效哦!有没有马甲线,我想我也得注意饮食才行呵呵:P"