Thai Paradise @ Pacific Regency Hotel


Hey ya'll! If you've followed me on Instagram you definitely know I went Krabi last week!  I did a ton of amazing Thai massage that makes me missed everything so much now! 
You don't really need to go book your flight to Thailand for that, instead, here's my experience at Thai Paradise that gave me the most luxurious message I've ever had. Here's the details on the experience.

Venue: Pacific Regency Hotel (9th Floor) 
Package & Price: 
30 mins Body Scrub + 1 hour Hot Oil Massage = RM320
30 mins Body Scrub + 1 hour Deep Tissue Massage = RM300 

p/s: Do ask the staff where the massage place is as there's two buildings and two lift system to it. 

 My thoughts: 
I really did love how the whole process went. From serving hot ginger tea, friendly staff & owner, to the massage techniques. I felt like it's not too strong for me. I especially loved the body scrub that left my skin baby skin soft. Everything is so clean and comfy inside! I do think it's quite a splurge on the price but it was a good session for me! As for Joe's, he did love all the setting but he does feel the massage wasn't strong enough. But then again, he's a huge guy LOL. It's located in KL town so we do think it's a good option if you staying nearby for holiday! Plus point, if you're staying at the hotel, call for the in-room service! ;D 

Jonlivia Hotpants & Hotbelt


大家好!好快又到了六月,时间都飞去哪儿啦! T_T
今天会用中文和大家介绍好物。如果你曾经读我上次的JONLIVIA review那你就对它不陌生啦。自从我穿上它教课之后,很多学生都纷纷问我,询问度超高!


"在我的历年愿望里都有 ‘马甲线’,可是迟迟都不能达成 T_T 我太爱吃啦!所以他们将这个热带寄来是我是有多么无比兴奋!那些小小的黑点会自动发热不用任何电器,所以很安全:) 我更期待的是,他们建议在经痛时期穿上,舒缓疼痛。救星啊!我试了几次,热度会一直徘徊所以很有效哦!有没有马甲线,我想我也得注意饮食才行呵呵:P"



Althea Beauty Box | The Romantic Date Box


Hello! Despite last post's rant, I'm here with something new to share! It's the Althea's Romantic Date Box, which consists good quality products in full size! I've been using ALL the products for the past two weeks and am here to give you my thoughts on them. To be honest, even when I'm not on a date, I'll use all of them

What's in the box:

1. Real Fresh Rose Petal Moisture Mask
"I'm so in love with this. It is the perfect pre-makeup mask that I've been seeking for ages! Slap this on before putting makeup for baby soft skin, then your foundation will glide on seamlessly!"

2. Face Mix Primer Color Cushion #lavender
"Lavender color is known to brighten the skin. I tap this on my highest point of my face such as cheek bone, nose bridge and forehead to give a natural glow before putting on my usual BB cushion foundation. I skip highlighting when using this because it gives the feel that I'm glowing from inside! Same like how you're glowing from within when in love!" 

3. Sugarball Cushion Cheek Color #4
"I finally found a cheek color that I love and use everyday! It's pigmented yet you can control how much you want it to show by using the cushion. UGH I'M OBSESSED! I've been loving that pigmented cheek flush lately. Apply generously because cheek color tend to fade first. Also, it's a cream formula so don't worry about cakey makeup!"

4. Magic Long Long Lash Mascara
"Living up to the name, it really does make my lash long long! It's not heavy at all so I don't feel tired after wearing it. This is a great one for those who likes natural lengthened lashes instead of those spidery ones. The only this is that it takes some time to dry, but good thing, it doesn't dry out too quickly in the tube!"

5. Matte Lip #Josephine
"My lips but better, in a cooler red brownish tone. Mad love how it sits on my lips! What can I say, easy to reapply and tiny enough to keep in my clutch for a night date!"

6. Perfume in Hand Cream #CherryBlossom
"Keeping those hands moisturized so he would hold my hands more! Nah, he'll still hold them even if they are wrinkly, but I don't want that so, here's a light weight hand cream to keep in your purse!"

7. Nail Laquer #Shower 
"I did my nails to show you how it looks like on my hands :P It's a gorgeous ocean blue color with a ashy grey tone. I don't usually apply nail polish because I have no patience on waiting. But this dries super fast and is so easy to apply! (did my laundry right after it dries and it didn't budge)"

8. Mangowhite Body Mist 
"This became my must-have item in my gym bag too. It's smells amazing! (I'm such a sucker for things that smells good) But this is boyfriend-approved! He loved it too! I like spraying it on my hair for the scent to linger a little longer since it's a body mist. Ok spray more!"

That's it! Althea came out with a lot of different beauty boxes recently which all of them are amazing! If you are someone like me where you're always scared to try new products, try getting these boxes. They make great gifts too! 
For this Romantic Date Box, you make get it here
& for more info about ALTHEA, click HERE!

& here's a unfiltered picture of me using all of the products above under natural sunlight :) 




Hey. My blog has been quiet lately and I'm not gonna lie or give excuses. I've been feeling a little down lately by the huge events that's coming up. I'm excited to what's ahead of me but at the same time, I'm drained by the worries, which is getting unhealthy. 

I love this space. This is my space. Everything I post here is absolutely what I stand by, including paid posts and collaboration with brands. However, it's still an exhausting activity. I kinda drag myself to write posts, and especially when brands reach out to me (some where I'm not too familiar with), I feel like blogging is an obligation. 

With that said, I feel like I'm struggling to be a good blogger while maintaining my full-time job. hah. oh not forgetting to spend time with people I love and care about. Losing the passion to blog is one of last thing I want to happen. That's why here's a detox post/period. 

First, I'm gonna still do reviews. But in a casual and light-hearted way. So I'm gonna post more on Instagram (follow come come! @minniechangg). Next, vlogging. I do find it easier for me to talk about certain thoughts in video form, so head over to that corner too (Youtube ID @minniechang). 

Moving to Ipoh has been amazing. Shifting to dance/fitness as a full-time job is great. But I still miss KL. The pace and the vibe. The opportunities. 

I'm moving back soon. Probably in August. That's another thing I'm worrying. 
It's ok everyone. 
Everything happens for a reason. 
Everything is going fine.