GE14: To those who chose not to vote


Hello my fellow Malaysians! I know, this blog is definitely covered in dust *wiping it off now for you*. Yesterday marks a historical moment for Malaysia, after 60 years, the opposition got the majority votes! *happy tears*

Me, I am not the kind that loves politics. I've never knew how the friggin system works, I AM NEVER BOTHERED, UNTIL YESTERDAY. For the first time, I read every single news about the election, learned about each parties and how the election system works. For the first time, I WANT to understand more.

I remembered clearly 5 years ago my parents were so upset (literally got grey clouds everywhere they go one ok) about the election. I was also feeling ridiculous about the dirty tactics played on the election day *roll eyes* so I swear I'm going to vote this year, which I did.

... and I thought everyone would feel the same, especially those around my age.

... but no.

Even the people closest to me didn't vote.

OKAY NOW CHILL. I'm not trying to blame to place guilt on anyone but YOU HAD THE RIGHT.


ok. fine. ok.

DISCLAIMER: OK PEOPLE WHO DIDN'T VOTE IS NOT A BAD PERSON. It's like don't conclude someone who didn't vote as a bad person overall, because I've known these people who are those who I love/have known them for quite some time. They are not bad people. The purpose of this is just to share my 2 cents and hopefully, hopefully, things will be different. 

I've seen people shaming those who didn't vote, and those who didn't vote posting statements explaining why. Mostly:" aiya, __ sure win one la, it won't make a difference also"

The only thing I would do (and did), is to smile and say: "well, I'll try, we have to try right. I'm voting."

like c'mon, you don't know the answer for your exam questions you also tembak la right still got chance ma, if you leave it blank confirm you get zero la!

Okay maybe voting for our government is such a big thing or such a scary thing that you don't want to be involved in. OK I UNDERSTAND COZ I ONCE FELT THAT WAY. But let's put it in this context too.

I'm sure you've been in a shoe where you need people's cooperation to achieve certain things right? (like asking people to fill in the form for some activities, or vote for a place to go for vacation) When people don't cooperate I'm very sure you feel very pekchek hor. So, there you go.

Politics is such a big game that I don't want to be involved in too (even politics in my community I tend to flee), but using your basic right to stand up for what you believe in is necessary.

ok thank you and goodbye.

p/s: tell me you are also one of the people who are secretly looking at other's peter pointer these few days. Don't tell you don't coz I know you did.

Stay safe everyone!

p/s  p/s: changing government DOESN'T mean it'll confirm be better, but staying is definitely not a choice anymore. so change is necessary.

V-series: Single vs In-relationship


So, I did the V-series previously, and many of you have dm-ed me saying how it resonated to you.

I'll start this year's by discussing what I learned being single vs in-relationship. 

I've been single for two years since the last breakup. It was bad. It's probably the most difficult time because I definitely did not see that coming. 

Before talking about being single, I think it is important to also discuss about accepting the loss. First year was horrible, I was drown in work, getting busy and just tried my best to suppress whatever I'm feeling.

What I'll tell myself now is: It's ok. It really is ok to feel bad and shitty and horrible. It is ok to take your time in this journey. But get up and show up, you are more than this relationship. Don't let this relationship define you. 
You are so much more than that. 
You are your values, you are your family, you are your friends and you are your dreams. 

So, it's heart breaking to not be in someone else's life, just remember you have more than that. 

To be honest, it was equally as hard to start a relationship when you let your past on bug you all the time. The thing I remind myself is, this is not the past, don't let the past haunt you.
 I love Joe, that's why I'm more than aware when the past starts creeping in. It's just not fair for this guy that I am dating now. 

When they say, you only learn when you are in a relationship, it is true. 
Start learning about this person you are dating, NOT assuming that he/she will be like the previous one. 

Communication. It's key. This is such a difficult thing for me to learn, but somehow, talk about things that matters. 
Spend quality time. 
More importantly, respecting each other for who they are. 

That's it for today. Any other topics you want me to talk about? I'll be more than happy to hear your thoughts. Have a great day!



Hello everyone! We are officially ending our January. OMGWTH. 
Let's do this: I want to start my blog by telling you a little bit about what happened that day. So we could get personal about what's going on :) 

Today was an off day so I spent the day with my friends and family, and also editing videos. I recall when I was younger, I would probably spent it by jam packing with activities or just not doing anything. Now i treasure each off day as it's an opportunity for me to be productive and work on my dreams! waw, how has time changed?

I also want to mention that I've been having bad skin days lately. T____T
due to the lack of sleep, stress and using the wrong product (watch my insta stories or videos on my FB page then you'll know what I'm saying). I'm so sad ok! It took me a long time to achieve this "acne-free" face but now it's all gone! 

My emergency kit to this situation has also been masks.
Id pla Cosmetic sent me some of their premium masks for review and yassss you came at the right time! 
(as usual, purchasing details is below so scroooooll down :) )

These masks are made to provide home-skincare regime because:
1. They provide treatment that got really sensitive (yas that's me rn)
2. Getting luxurious skincare at home (yas no need go out, spend less moneh)
3.  Fast solution for skin problem while preventing it from further problem (*sobs* you understand)
4. Different treatment from different masks.

I'll go through all these one by one by sharing my thoughts for each. Keep in mind that I DID NOT edit any of my face picture so I could give you a clearer picture of my skin condition. :) 

to improve rough and dry skin

"As you can tell, this mask is so thin it sticks straight to my skin. I love this best because I'm always about hydration when it comes to skin care due to my pores. I have rather enlarged pores so my beautician always tell me to keep my skin hydrated. Plus, once your skin is hydrated, it'll solve lots of other skin issues! Not sticky at all after using it!"

to improve dark skin tone

"This mask is for those who would like an instant lifted glow on their face. The consistency is slightly thick but not to the point where you don't feel like it's too much. The products still get absorbed in to the skin pretty ok. And you can tell the sheet is also slightly thicker than the previous one. Once peeled off, there's an instant glowy finish on the skin!"

to offer balanced nutrition

"This is probably the most luxurious mask I've ever used. My first impression was that it was flimsy, but my second time using it, I loved it! It sticked on so well as it's the hydrogel sheet design. It's also a two-piece mask which helps cover your face better. I like that it did not leave any stickiness to my skin and it has this cooling sensation when putting it on. I've mentioned in my "Daily Minnie" video that it gave a quick boost to my skin!" 

Surprise surprise! You can get all these premium Korean masks in your nearby Watsons
It's now available in store with promo Buy 2nd for RM1. WOHOO. 

I personally am always up for something that could give my skin instant boost and I think these mask definitely did the function they've stated. I am surprise that each specific function of the masks did showed specific results! So I like! 

You should probably watch my videos too as I did mentioned these masks in them 
"Like" my Facebook page here so you don't miss any updates! 

Also, go learn more about these mask on their Facebook Page HERE :)

What's happening on the internet


Hey everyone! I woke up this morning feeling both relieved and upset because
1. I didn't sleep all night because my head was running rehearsing for the upcoming project 
2. I received an email from Youtube saying my videos are not eligible for monetization because I didn't meet their "number" requirement

It may seem to be something that I'll feel upset but I had this sense of relief because I've decided to switch my content to Facebook and Instagram instead two weeks ago. I felt like there is no more pressure in doing what I initially love. So... I guess I've made the right choice?

A lot of people are stepping in to the social media world to earn a living. Some have even took the extreme to earn views and likes. Yesterday I came across two videos 

1. This bf put laxatives in his gf's drink and locked the bathroom door and hid the keys. She was desperate needing the toilet but he didn't even helped her get those keys. She was crying so badly. She even had to do her business behind the tree. WTH IS THIS GUY THINKING. 

2. This is a local couple where first, the guy cut the gf's hair in her sleep (in the end gave her an iphoneX as a gift). As revenge, the gf threw this guy's PS4 (or sth like that) out from the balcony saying he couldn't be angry because he cut off her hair at first. 

I thought couples are supposed to be respectful of each others' boundaries and feelings?
 So what's the purpose of all these pranks? Just to get views or what? It bothered me because, I'm thinking why would people go so far to this extreme? WHY? 

I think we should all keep in mind to respect each other.